To do point website for patients who do not want to wait long

The Problem

Dr. Dt. Mustafa Cakir has a dental clinic in Canakkale, Turkey. He offers a wide range of denta services, from implants to cosmetic needs.

He approached Artisan to update his website with a clean and modern look. He also mentioned that the website occasionally goes down, causing him to lose patients. The scope of the project was to redesign the entire website, which has around 6–7 pages, and improve its security and speed.

The solution

Artisan designed robust, secure and ultra-fast speed web site in order to provide clinic patients as fast information as possible.

Our researchs shows that people who need urgent dental treatment do not want to wait more than 2 seconds for web site loading.

Scope of work.

  • Research on visitor behaviour
  • Keyword research
  • Web site user interface design
  • Web site development
  • SEO Optimization
  • Monthly SEO Management

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